OLsA is dedicated to celebrating the achievements of you, our old students, to ensure that you remain connected in some way to the Government Laboratory High School, Dhaka and to one another.

We aim to foster participation of alumni in the affairs of the school, particularly in the areas of policy-making and curriculum development and to provide members with opportune professional contact and social exchange.

Government Laboratory High School, Dhaka began its academic activities on 3rd September 1961. The first batch of examinees sat for their Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examinations in the year 1964, And until 2015, 52 batches have passed through the school. The late Khan Muhammad Salek, a dedicated academician, was the founder headmaster of the school. A good number of students from the school have secured first position on the merit list of the SSC exams in different years.

The Old Laboratorians Association, OLsA (formerly the Alumni Association of Government Laboratory High School Ex-student, AGLHSES) continues its efforts to build bridged of fellowship among ex-students of all ages.

All of the teachers who have rendered dedicated service for the betterment of the institution. We remember their unforgettable contribution, which has helped to mould the glorious history of the school. Many former students are now well established in society, both at home and abroad.

OLsA provides you the platform to share a sense of attachment with the fellow laboratorians of all ages. This is the place to combine our views, to have an endeavor for the betterment of our beloved school and as well as of society under the very proud banner of the ex-students of Govt. Laboratory High School, Dhaka.

We want you to share your thoughtful ideas, emotions, events, pictures, and many more. On any issues relabeled to OLsA, or GLAB or any other relevant ongoing topic. Hope that your participation well helps us to bolster our endeavor of unity among the laboratorians.



pmpidGovernment upgraded the rank of the Bangladesh Navy Chief, Muhammad Farid Habib to Admiral from Vice Admiral. In presence of the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Muhammad Farid Habib was adorned with the new rank badge of Admiral and become the first Admiral of Bangladesh.


Muhammad Farid Habib is a Laboratorian of batch 1973 and Life Member of OLsA.




We share our views, thoughts, events, emotions, sadness and happiness with each other through OLsA.


We always care about our mates and keep each other in touch to continue caring when they need us.


We celebrate our joy by arranging get together programs and sharing our happiness.